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Oenological Analysis

Daniel PERALIDI SAS OENOLYSE analytical laboratory is committed to Quality, and offers a rigorous, reliable and rapid service. The analytical facility and the large spectrum of relevant information it provides, allows the laboratory to offer the best possible support.

A pioneer in its approach to Quality, the laboratory respects and adheres to the NF ISO/CEI 17025 norm, and in 1996 received COFRAC accreditation: a quality system that ensures the performance of the laboratory in its daily functioning, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of the results.

The laboratory offers up to 50 types of analyses of which 32 are COFRAC accredited.  The list of analyses is available for consultation under the heading « Catalogue des Essais pratiqués au laboratoire ».

The laboratory processes 30 000 samples annually, representing approximately 300 000 hectolitres, distributed throughout the entire Southeast Mediterranean area.  The range of analyses offered meets all the needs of the winemaking process….from harvest to despatch.



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