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Wine management

Our support in the vineyard reinforces the strong link between “vine” and “wine”.

Over the past decade, the laboratory has developed a support system starting at vineyard level in order to swiftly adapt to fixed objectives, and to offer support during the vinification of high quality grapes despite differences from one vintage to another.

This support allows a better development and valorisation of the terroir.

Our services also include supporting on-site teams and implementing various administrative processes.

Over the past years, an increasing number of our winemakers have chosen to produce organic wines, which demands an even more rigorous technical program, starting in the vineyard.

In order to adapt to new reforms, in 2013 the laboratory received accreditation for Guidance in Using Plant Protection Products, AGREEMENT N° = CPHYTO13-0795-1.


Wineyard management

Our missions

01.Definition of potential quality and compliance of the vineyard.

02.Development of crop management.

03.Promote the successful implementation of cultural practices.

04.Structure the work teams in place.

05.Accompany the various administrative procedures.


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