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Bringing the cultural and technical blueprint in phase with fixed oenological objectives.

After evaluation and analysis of the existing blueprint, improvements are provided as the case might be: optimising yields by pruning and fertilisation, optimising grape maturity by fertilisation, trellising and green harvesting, etc.

Assisting with parcel selection.

Significant intervention to enable adaptation to a specific vintage, to accurately tailor the capacities of each parcel to the technical program in the cellar.

Responding to problems with an oenological impact specific to the vine.

A problem with colour, lack of freshness, dry tannins, reduction or oxidation: all such factors influencing the quality of the wine can be treated within the vineyard.

Providing advice; a valuable support during plantation.

A major step for the winemaker, a determining factor is making the correct choices regarding vegetal material (rootstock, grape variety, clone), respecting all stages involved in preparation for the plantation.

Establishing vineyard audits.

To evaluate vineyard conformity and its general condition, and to provide orientation and prospects.

Relying on our regional expertise to evaluate conformity in respect to various regulations.

Whether within the framework of expertise, audits or technical and general support, we evaluate vineyard conformity with respect to the various regulations.


Wineyard management