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The laboratory

The laboratory was founded in 1976 by Daniel PERALDI.  In 1980, it received INAO endorsement, and in 1985 it was amongst the first oenological laboratories authorised to provide exportation certificates.

The laboratory is also certified by France Agrimer and the DGCCRF for the analyses required for official competitions, exportation, internal controls for AOP/IGP appellations, and external controls for various organisms.

In 1996, following on from the quality policy already in place, it was amongst the first oenological laboratories in France to receive COFRAC accreditation.

Significance of this accreditation available at

In 1998, the laboratory inaugurated its new premises in Canet de Meyreuil.

In 2011, Daniel PERALDI ceded the analytical division to his colleagues, and the company became known as OENOLYSE. Daniel PERALDI now focuses on providing expertise, audits and training, while continuing to keep in close contact with the laboratory’s clients.

The laboratory processes 30 000 samples annually, representing approximately 300 000 hectolitres from the entire vine growing region of the Southeast Mediterranean area.

The laboratory principally serves wine producing cellars.  Its activity focuses mostly on consulting, production and marketing for AOC and IGP wines.  Its main areas of analytical activity include: must, concentrated must, rectified concentred must, and wines. All analyses carried out by the laboratory are listed in a catalogue that is made available to the clients.

Over the past decade, the laboratory has developed a personalised service providing support to the winegrower.

The laboratory is a member of FFLOel, ALOISE and UFOE (Union des Œnologues de France).